Clients Want Complex Systems That Are
Easy To Use

One reason why so many homeowners are turning to smart home technology is convenience. Almost anything in their homes can be controlled at the touch of a button. Nothing is easier than using one touchscreen for everything. In addition, this advanced and integrated technology provides greater security and comfort than traditional systems.

Why You Should Work with an AV Company

Affiliating yourself with an AV company like HD Solutions makes it easier for your customers. We work closely with architects and builders to help them exceed all of their clients’ needs, whether they’re searching for new lighting or home theater technology. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, HD Solutions can seamlessly incorporate smart home technology into the scope of the project. This creates a smooth process that not only saves on time but maximizes quality.

The Need for Technology in New Homes

A new home provides the opportunity to have smart home technology flawlessly integrated into its infrastructure. More and more homeowners are turning to this innovative form of technology to make their daily tasks easier than ever. Controlling everything from their HVAC systems to their lighting can now be performed through a convenient touchscreen.
Smart home technology is a truly groundbreaking investment that can transform the way a homeowner views their investment. Instead of just a house, our clients view their homes as a luxurious and convenient experience where everything is accessed and controlled with a few simple buttons.

What We Offer to Architects and Builders:

- Discounts on installations and equipment
- Complementary training for one real estate agent
- Free personalized one button activation, limited to music and lights
- Complete integration data for all systems, including security, HVAC, and more
- Exclusive access to our site to view information about the project
- Free CAD drawings, ranging from rack elevations to phone and data locations

Discover all the benefits of collaborating with HD Solutions by working with us today!